Endometriosis: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, Stages, Home Remedies, Treatment and Management

Endometriosis refers to a medical disorder that is often painful, and cause several troublesome symptoms. It is characterized by overgrowth of the uterine tissue lining the wall of the uterus. The three organs that suffer from endometriosis disorder include the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and the pelvis. In rare cases of endometriosis disorder, endometrial tissues have a slight possibility of spreading towards the organs present in the pelvic cavity. In this disorder, the tissues with a similar structure to the endometrial tissues start acting like the local tissue in the uterus and starts to thicken. The thickening of the endometrium-like tissues causes a gradual breakdown, and then these issues go away with each menstrual cycle’s blood.

However, the endometrium-like tissue cannot escape the body except with the menstrual blood, so these tissues start trapping in the body. The endometriosis disorder starts involving the ovaries, and there is the formation of small cysts on the ovaries, known as “endometriomas.” When the endometriomas develop on the ovaries, the tissues nearby start irritating, and eventually, there is the development of adhesion and scar tissues. The development of scar tissues and adhesions is a gradual process that results in the formation of irregular bands of fibrous tissues, which cause the sticking of pelvic organs and tissues.

The key symptom of endometriosis involves pain, and sometimes the pain is severe, especially when the female is going through the menstrual period. Unfortunately, endometriosis disorder also results in several fertility issues, making the childbirth very difficult for women suffering from it. There are plenty of treatments available for the cure of endometriosis, ensuring the patient’s speedy recovery and solves the fertility issues. Although there are many advanced treatments available for endometriosis, it becomes challenging for the patient to manage it as the symptoms are very challenging for the body.