Breast Cancer, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Stages and Treatment


Breast cancer is a type of cancer which is formed in the breast cells. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in females in the United States after skin cancer. Breast cancer can involve both men and women, but in women it is much more common.

Substantial support for education and research funding on breast cancer has helped to create advances in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Breast cancer prognosis and survival rates have increased, and the number of associated deaths is steadily declining. It is largely due to factors such as a better understanding of the disease, earlier detection, and new customized approaches to treatment.

1Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Tumors originating in the breast tissue can suggest breast cancer development although several forms of breast lumps are non-cancerous (benign). The disease is most prevalent in women but may also occur in men. Developing any cancer, including breast cancer, gives medical professionals and patients the best chance of slowing or eradicating the disease as early as possible. Recognizing breast cancer symptoms can help prompt diagnosis.

The common symptoms and signs include;

Lump in the Breast

The most commonly heard symptom of breast cancer is the discovery of a lump in the breast. This lump can be soft, or it can feel like a hard knot in the breast tissue. While lumps in the breast and the tissue around are common, and not always a sign of tumor growth, it is best to talk to a medical professional if they continue or expand. Lumps can sometimes not be detected until cancer progresses to its later stages. Small growths that are not felt in palpitation can sometimes appear in mammogram. A cancer lump is more likely to be an unpainful, rough mass of irregular edges.