Trigger Finger (Overview , Symptoms , Causes , Risk Factors , Home Remedies , Stretching Exercises )


Gout is a type of arthritis that is considered to be linked with trigger finger. It results in a sore joint and causes extreme irritation. In gout, crystals are formed inside the body due to too much production of uric acid. It also happens when the body does not get rid of uric acid, which then accumulates in the body and results in crystal formation. These urate crystals accumulate in the joints and can affect any joint of the body, it can occur in the elbow, big toe and even in joints of fingers. It can also result in tendon rupture, nerve compression, or digital stiffness.

If the urate crystal is found within the flexor digitorum superficial tendons at the waist, then it can result in trigger finger syndrome. It causes extreme swelling, redness in the affected area and joint may even seem to be infected when it not. Even though gout can be a cause of trigger finger, but there are rare cases of intravenous tophaceous gout within the flexor digitorum tendons.