Trigger Finger (Overview , Symptoms , Causes , Risk Factors , Home Remedies , Stretching Exercises )


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It affects bones and can affect any joint of the body, including knee, hips or hands. If it affects the hand, then it is called hand arthritis. Hand arthritis is commonly seen in wrist, fingertips and middle knuckles of the fingers. When a person suffers from osteoarthritis, the cartilage between the joint wears doing and results in bones to rub together without cushion. This rubbing of bones can cause inflammation. When bones scrub and collide with each other, they also affect other tissues of the hand like tendons and ligaments and can cause inflammation of those tissues. Joint stiffness is also faced, and it becomes difficult to move fingers. In this way, it can arise trigger finger. Swelling of tendons due to osteoarthritis is the significant cause of trigger finger.