Trigger Finger (Overview , Symptoms , Causes , Risk Factors , Home Remedies , Stretching Exercises )

10 Stretching Exercises For The Treatment Of Trigger Finger

If the condition is not severe, then following these exercises will help in bringing the finger back in its original position and will provide relief from the pain. These exercises are easy to follow and do have any side effect on the body.

Finger extensor stretch

Finger extensor stretch is a very simple and helpful exercise that you can follow at home.

  • Put your affected hand on a solid surface like a table
  • Now hold the affected finger with your other hand
  • Slightly lift the affected finger while keeping the other area of hand at rest
  • Lift a finger but don’t put pressure on it and keep holding it for a few seconds and then release it.
  • Repeat this set least three times a day.