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220 Most Common Symptoms Of Stroke

20 most common symptoms of stroke
20 most common symptoms of stroke

Fortunately, the stroke is characterized by some very specific acute symptoms. [2] If you are a caregiver, or close to a stroke risk patient, a little careful observation of these symptoms can help get the medical aid in time in case of an emergency.

Some traditional symptoms of stroke

The following symptoms are particular with the onset of stroke. A stroke does not come with a warning. All of the following symptoms occur suddenly, a person going about their normal routine can be gripped by these symptoms out of the blue. These are called traditional as these symptoms are a common occurrence in both men and women with an acute cerebrovascular attack.


Confusion is one of the most common manifestations of starving brain cells. The patient may be disoriented in space, time, and place. For a fleeting moment, there may be fogginess in the mind and a sense of loss of surroundings.