Vitamin D : Function, Benefits, Deficiency, Normal Level, Dosage, Sources ( Top Vitamin D Foods – Top Vitamin D Fruits – Top Vitamin D Vegetables)

26Vitamin D Rich Foods List

Vitamin D Rich Foods List Salmon
Vitamin D Rich Foods List Salmon

Top 15 foods

Vitamin D is one of the very few nutrients that our body can produce when you expose your body to sunlight. However, almost 50% of the population globally might not get enough exposure to sunlight and almost 40% of the U.S. residents are vitamin D deficient which is mainly due to the poor food sources of vitamin D. Fortunately, there is a wide range of healthy foods that contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D. Following are the 15 top foods that are rich in vitamin D:


Salmon is one of the greatest sources of vitamin D and a popular fatty fish. Wild salmon contains almost 988 IU of vitamin per serving size, while the farmed salmon contains almost 250 IU. On average, the wild salmon and farmed salmon packs almost 124% and 32% of the daily value for vitamin D respectively.