Insomnia (Overview, Signs ,Symptoms, Types , Complication, Causes , Risk factors, Diagnosis, Home Remedies , Treatment and Prevention)

Mental health examination

There are chances that insomnia might be due to depression, stress, or any other mental health-related problem, so the doctors also check for mental health. The mental health problem affects the body in various conditions but also impairs the sleep-wake pattern and disrupts the sleep cycle in many cases. The neurologists, along with a psychologist exam, the person’s mental health vigorously to make sure that if there is any presence of mental health disorder or not. The assessment for examining the existence of any mental health problem in a person includes the initial testing of mental status, psychological evaluations, and mental health history. The doctor also asks the patients to share if they have any prior records of mental breakdown or any kind of trauma to assess the mental health in that patient.