Insomnia (Overview, Signs ,Symptoms, Types , Complication, Causes , Risk factors, Diagnosis, Home Remedies , Treatment and Prevention)

Mental health disorders

When a person is not able to get a night of proper sleep for days and nights, so the anxiety gets to the person so badly. A sleepless person who goes by, not sleeping for many nights, starts over thinking about meaningless things. The thoughts in the person’s brain cause him to get super anxious about every situation. Many people with insomnia, whether temporary or chronic insomnia, leads towards the black hole of severe mental health problems, which cause stress and insomnia The people who have insomnia usually share the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. The main reason is mostly over thinking about the situation of not getting a night of better sleep.

Moreover, the people going through the dreadful experience of insomnia try to find relief in using the substance on the recommendation of certain bad people. Substance use and abuse like drinking alcohol, using drugs by injecting them or by sniffing some drug powder are some practices of insomnia patients. The people find the substance use very peaceful and calming at the start, but once they start using it, there is no going back. The body falls for the addiction of these drugs or alcohol. The substance abuse also not only physically worsens the patient’s health but also affects the mental health of the patient. The drugs and alcohol abuse loses the sanity and senses of the person going through it.