Insomnia (Overview, Signs ,Symptoms, Types , Complication, Causes , Risk factors, Diagnosis, Home Remedies , Treatment and Prevention)

10 natural and home remedies for insomnia

Almost half of the population of young adults, teens, middle-aged adults, and some older adults suffer from the problem of insomnia. Mostly, insomnia is short term and is temporary due to some health issues, which is causing some pain, not letting you sleep. Even the short term acute type of insomnia makes the life of the person suffering severely. Most of the people find it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep during the nighttime. The common complaint is the early waking up before fulfilling the sleep accurately.

The amount of sleep also varies a lot from one individual to another. Still, the standard recommended by the medical professionals is that a person must attain six to eight hours of sleep during the day time. Poor sleeping patterns not only have a terrible impact on your mood, but they also make you an unhappy and irritated person. The focus on work reduces significantly. Moreover, the thinking ability and the reaction time slow down, subsequently causing severe development of depression.

However, the chronic type of insomnia disorder needs proper help from the neuroscience specialist. But here are some natural ways through which you can take the control back on your sleep and wake cycle. The home remedies are natural and have no possible side effects, so everyone suffering from an acute type of insomnia must try these. The home remedies mostly include the relaxation of the mind from thoughts, meditation, doing some exercise, drinking some good warm drinks.

Some of the best working home remedies are as follows:

Doing yoga:

Yoga boosts mental concentration and improves sleep quality by relieving the body from stress and anxiety. Try the yoga poses, which include the mental focusing and breathing regulation to get the best results. Participate in those yoga moves that have slow and controlled movements to increase the focus even more. Always try to avoid those yoga poses that make you uncomfortable. 20-30 minutes of practicing yoga at home daily are good for having a better sleep.