Constipation (Overview, Home Remedies, Foods That Cause Constipation, Foods That Relieve Constipation, Symptoms, and Causes)

Constipation is a sign of some diseases but can turn into a medical condition when not treated well. Constipation is the infrequency in the bowel movements that leads to hard and dry stool. The most common symptoms of constipation are abdominal pain, having a feeling of carrying the stools all the time in your rectum, and bloating. The main reason why we suffer from constipation is usually the bad habits in our lifestyle. The junk food that we eat all the time destroys our digestive system so badly. Also, the sedentary lifestyle with no adequate physical activity in daily routine causes constipation.

However, when a person experiences constipation, he or she feels difficulty in emptying their rectum. The reason is that the colon absorbs a lot of water from the waste products, i.e., the stool leaving a hard and dry stool behind. Also, when there is a delay in the emptying of bowels from the body, the microbes in the gut start feeding on the waste products and produce gases causing flatulence. When constipation prolongs, it leads to many serious medical complications like hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, anal fissure, and rectal prolapse.