Constipation (Overview, Home Remedies, Foods That Cause Constipation, Foods That Relieve Constipation, Symptoms, and Causes)

Constipation is a sign of some diseases but can turn into a medical condition when not treated well. Constipation is the infrequency in the bowel movements that leads to hard and dry stool. The most common symptoms of constipation are abdominal pain, having a feeling of carrying the stools all the time in your rectum, and bloating. The main reason why we suffer from constipation is usually the bad habits in our lifestyle. The junk food that we eat all the time destroys our digestive system so badly. Also, the sedentary lifestyle with no adequate physical activity in daily routine causes constipation.

However, when a person experiences constipation, he or she feels difficulty in emptying their rectum. The reason is that the colon absorbs a lot of water from the waste products, i.e., the stool leaving a hard and dry stool behind. Also, when there is a delay in the emptying of bowels from the body, the microbes in the gut start feeding on the waste products and produce gases causing flatulence. When constipation prolongs, it leads to many serious medical complications like hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, anal fissure, and rectal prolapse.

110 ٍSymptoms Of Constipation

Most commonly, the bowel movements are different in every individual. But according to many healthcare professionals, when your bowel movement is lesser than three times per week, then you surely have constipation. Constipation may be due to several factors like eating fatty acids, having less fiber intake, inactive or sedentary lifestyle, etc. but there are some less common causes too like certain medications and multivitamin supplements. All of these factors delay the bowel movements, thus causing the stool to stay in the colon for days. The hard and dry stools are harder to pass out and cause straining of the muscles in the rectum. The severe condition of constipation leads to the damage of the tissues lining the inner rectum.

However, we have to keep it in mind that constipation is not a disease itself, but it is a symptom of other conditions. Constipation might be due to irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) or maybe due to any surgical procedure that disturbs the normal functioning of the digestive system. The condition of constipation varies with every individual, so a person might have a single symptom or might be a combination of symptoms. Although, every person experiences a different kind of symptoms of constipation but here are some common signs and symptoms of constipation:

The feeling of incomplete emptying:

Whenever a person feels the sensation of not passing out all the stool from the rectum or sense that there is something left behind, then doctors might suggest that you have constipation. The harder stools do not give the feeling of the complete evacuation of the bowel. A person feels something blocking in the rectum even after passing out hard stools. The sensation of incomplete emptying also goes along with difficulty to pass out the stools from the body. If the sensation continues, you might have constipation. However, this feeling of incomplete emptying is also a symptom of rectal tenesmus, in which there is always a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying. Rectal tenesmus is also common in people who suffer from straining to pass out the stools.